This free decadent Crème Caramel Recipe is so easy to make… Your guests and family will be impressed with your baking skills!


250ml sugar
550ml milk
4 eggs
45ml sugar
5ml vanilla essence

  • In a small heavy based saucepan, place the 250ml sugar and allow it to melt over a high heat.
  • Stir only when most of the granules have dissolved.
  • As soon as the sugar reaches a caramel colour, divide the caramel between 4 ramekins, swirling them around to cover the bottom and side.
  • Heat the milk until steaming.
  • Fill a deep baking tray halfway with water and place it in the oven at 150°C .
  • In another bowl whisk the eggs, 45ml sugar and vanilla essence.
  • Pour the hot milk through a sieve into the egg mixture, whisking to prevent the egg from cooking..
  • Pour the mixture into the ramekins, almost to the top and carefully place them in the water.
  • Bake for an hour until the custard has set.
  • Allow to cool.

To serve: Press the custard softly to release it from the sides and turn out onto a serving dish.

Serves 4


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